A more customer focused approach


After being part of a group of Accountancy firms, the Directors wanted to move in a new direction and set up as their own independent company. After our initial insight phase, it became apparent that the Directors were focused on doing things different in their new firm, focusing on the relationships with their clients and building long term partnerships, not just providing an accounting service.

We wanted to create a brand that stood out from the traditional firms, something which felt more approachable, and that really reflected the personalities and the passion of the people within the company, and their ambitions for the future.

We chose the name Advance as we felt this reflected their energy and commitment to always going one step further for their clients, and the promise of the practice to help grow your business to meet your goals.

The identity allowed us to create a recognisable marque with the A, something which can then be used throughout their communications.

The company has now officially launched and the brand will be successfully implemented over the next three months.


Advance Accounntancy Southport logo brand identity
Advance Accountancy brand words Southport
Advance Accountancy brand design mugs Southport
Advance Accountancy brand bag design Southport
Advance Accountancy brand design Southport
Advance Accountancy brand frames logo identity
Advance Accountancy brand stationery logo identity design