More than just a logo

Do you design logos?

Well yes we do, but only as part of the branding process. Logo, brand marque are all an important part of your brand – but it’s not everything.

Imagine you’re describing your best friend – you wouldn’t simply describe how they look or what they’re wearing, you’d describe them as a person. Their personality, what they sound like, their interests, what they believe in, whether they’re funny (or not as the case may be).

This is exactly the same when it comes to brands, there’s a number of elements that all make up a brand – visual identity is just one of them.

This might sound like “design speak”, but if I was to ask you to compare yourself to a car brand what would you say?  I’m certain your choice wasn’t made on the look of their logo, it’s because you align yourself with their brand values. And whilst logos are important as they should reflect the brand, and create a recognisable mark, making sure you have a brand is just as important.

Brands create an emotional connection with their audience.

Consumers today have more choice available to them than ever before. Industries are crowded with similar offerings, but purchasing decisions aren’t just made on price, and not only because they like what’s on offer. In fact most consumer purchasing decisions are based on emotion and trust, if you build trust you build long term loyal customers.

So when you’re thinking about you’re brand – forget the logo for a minute, and ask yourself if you’re ideal customer was describing you what would you want them to say? Then honestly think whether this fits your current brand/values/experience. If not then we have some work to do…