We keep getting asked what areas do you want to specialise in, when we reply and say non we always get the same puzzled reaction.

It got me thinking about whether there is a need to be a specialist in a particular sector?  Or is this not as relevant today.

Well firstly our specialism is branding, creating them, developing them refreshing them, communicating them – that’s our speciality, and over the years we’ve worked across a diverse range of sectors including travel, education, retail, finance even funerals.

Lets take education for example, being a specialist in this area may have its advantages, whilst this would mean you know the latest industry trends, have subscriptions to the relevant trade titles, you’re a regular at the heist awards, are probably on first name terms with a lot of the key players in the market. Can you really give an objective opinion on breaking through the noise and creating standout for the organisation? Can being so immersed in one market actually be of detriment?

We have education experience, with great success stories in fact, but we also have a lot of experience from other sectors. Education is still a business with targets to hit, and our experience from other sectors can help and inform some of the decisions we make.

If we’re doing our job properly then the first part of the brief for us is to fully understand your sector. No one knows the sector as well as you, so why don’t we learn from the best? Then compliment this with our own research to create an objective view of what’s happening in the market, what your audience are thinking and how we can reach them.

So in conclusion, experience is good, essential in fact – but a broader range of sector experience and skills really adds to the solutions, breaking tradition and breaking the mould.