What’s your why?


Have you ever had someone try and sell you something and realised their heart just isn’t in it – they lack enthusiasm, interest as it’s not really what they want to do?

Have you ever had someone who has tried to make a sale, regardless of whether it was right for you or not?

But on the flip side we’ve all met those people so passionate about their jobs that you make your purchase with confidence and reassurance. So what’s the difference, these people know their why and how to communicate it.

If you’re selling something to make money, consumers see right through this.

This goes back to the trust element we talked about in our last post. Consumers want to believe what you’re selling and be confident in what they’re buying.

So what’s our why? Well it’s simple, to make a difference. We’re not about to talk you into a huge rebrand that benefits us more that you. Whatever the problem in your business then we want to help you fix that – how we do that could be a re-brand, it could be a website, it could be a marketing strategy – or we could simply give you the tools to help improve on what you’re already doing.