Collaboration is Key

We started Bird with the soul aim of making a difference, whether that was with the types of clients we work with or helping clients to make a difference within their business through strategic thinking, considered ideas, brand development and considered design and communications. But one of the important things for us was to base everything on relationships working with our clients working collaboratively, and not just providing a service.

A long standing client of ours, Arch, asked us to help with the developing materials for a conference they were organising. As we began having conversations it became clear that this conference was actually one of the first of their kind. As a charity dealing with victims of sexual violence and abuse, Arch have always been brave and been willing to push the boundaries within their industry.

With funding and support from other charities Arch have created the first of a national conference bringing together some of the leading names in the industry from all over the UK and Australia – giving people an opportunity to come together, share best practice with the simple aim of creating better outcomes for the victims they work with each and every day.

Rather than just designing their materials it was important to us to be involved in this properly, from working with them on the experience of each delegate on the day to setting up, positioning each banner and balloon to make the event look and feel as special as the content on the day, and this is whats important to us – we see ourselves as part of their team, and they do too.

Whilst we're all in business to make a living, sometimes what we do and the difference we make can actually become the driving force, and this was definitely one of those occasions.

arch conference