Creating stand out in a competitive market


As a leading agency in Preston, and one of the only ones specialising in lettings, Easthams & Co built their business on strong family values, and as a result have some impressive stories and stats to share. But they weren’t boasting as much as we thought they should.

Easthams & Co already had their identity but what they lacked was a brand, something that really reflected who they were. They needed clarity of message, and a tone of voice that not only reflected the company and their people but something that made them stand out in a very busy, very competitive market place.

After some initial research with their clients it became clear that they were full of praise, for the people and the services they offered. Their clients were actually starting to write the ads themselves through their glowing testimonials.


The Guild Trail preston branding logo

The personalities of the staff really shone through so the first thing we wanted to do was inject this into their communications. Using a mix of customer testimonials and confident statements we created a suite of materials that really reflected Easthams & Co as a business.

Each ad focussed on one fact only - to give clarity to the message. Using bold confident headlines to grab attention, and backing these up with facts and stats. Illustrations were developed to compliment the headlines, and also the existing brand.

These were then rolled out to work across press, direct mail and social media creating a strong confident consistent campaign.

Easthams & Co Letting agents brand design
Easthams & Co Letting agents brand design posters
Easthams & Co Letting agents brand design advert
Easthams & Co Preston Twitter campaign design