About Bird

Bird began back in 2010 when Beccy and Rachel met whilst working for The Chase then True North, two of the UK's leading branding agencies. With numerous branding, design and marketing projects under their belt (not to mention picking up a few design awards along the way), the pair finally made their long awaited plans a reality... and so Bird was born.

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Beccy Irving

I'm Beccy, or the Bi of Bird. I’m the one that talks lots in meetings and has the difficult conversations over costs. I started my career in a boutique branding agency in London, famous for creating the Churchill Dog ads back in the early 2000’s. After a brief stint working in TV, I flew north (sorry for the Bird pun) and worked at a number of advertising, marketing and branding agencies, with several client side roles thrown in for good measure. I've worked across almost every sector from fashion to finance and even funerals. I've starred in ads (thankfully not for funerals), written numerous marketing and branding strategies, holidayed with clients and been responsible for some of the UK's leading brands. Everything I've learnt over the years - good and bad, helps me deliver marketing and branding solutions, taking a client’s requirement and producing a simple but effective strategy to achieve it.


rachel simpson

Rachel simpson

I'm Rachel, I'm the one who draws. I consider myself a creative thinker, not just a designer – what does that mean? To me it's not just about making things look nice, there's an idea that sits at the heart of everything and it's my job to find a way to communicate this creatively. After graduating from UCLAN with a first-class honours degree in Graphic Design, I then completed a masters in Transdisciplinary Design, which no one can ever pronounce – especially after a couple of glasses of wine. I spent the early years of my career at The Chase, one of the UK's leading branding agencies, later moving to strategic brand specialists True North where I managed a team of designers, designed the official 2014 Christmas stamps for Royal Mail and introduced Fun Fridays to the office. Although I'm not often far away from my Mac, I believe it's important to understand a business and a problem before you can create a solution. Whether that's learning about DNA at the UK's leading genomics centre, or helping to fit solar panels to the roof of a university, having this insight is invaluable for me when developing creative solutions that really work.