Changing perceptions and raising profiles


Leading architect Simon Wallis had a string of impressive projects to his name, however his current branding and website really didn’t reflect this.

When meeting Simon the passion for his projects was clear. Every project was completely different, and each one with an interesting story – but this detail and the passion Simon's had for each project was being lost on his current site.

We talked through each and every project with Simon, along with the way he worked, then set about developing his brand.

Keeping the existing logo we developed his brand to reflect the prestigious projects he’d worked on and create a new identity for the company that really reflected their capabilities.

Using close up photography taken from the buildings he’s worked on and the detailed the plans he’s drawn up, these were applied across his current literature and website.

Each project was then given it’s own space on the site to tell the full story, solution and also the end product.

The content was written to highlight the unique process which Simon's has developed, and built his business on, along with the dedication and expertise that he brings along with this.

The Guild Trail preston branding logo
The Guild Trail preston branding brochure