Creating a dynamic brand


Diecut UK are are global company supplying specialist machinery to the print industry, a real forward thinking company who are constantly looking for ways to improve the machines they supply making the industry safer, and the machines faster, and as a result their clients more productive.

Diecut's brand had lost it's way over the year, and no longer reflected the dynamic, energetic and passionate company they'd become today. As leaders in their field, they needed a brand that reflected this.

We wanted to create something which was as dynamic as they are, something which reflected their passion for change and improvements, something that linked with what they do, and showed their pride at being a UK based company.

The brand was then rolled out across their website, internal comms and marketing literature.


diecut logo branding
Diecut UK logo design preston
Diecut UK preston brochure design
Diecut UK preston branding brochure design
Diecut UK preston design of stationery
Diecut UK preston website design

A more customer focused approach


After being part of a group of Accountancy firms, the Directors wanted to move in a new direction and set up as their own independent company. After our initial insight phase, it became apparent that the Directors were focused on doing things different in their new firm, focusing on the relationships with their clients and building long term partnerships, not just providing an accounting service.

We wanted to create a brand that stood out from the traditional firms, something which felt more approachable, and that really reflected the personalities and the passion of the people within the company, and their ambitions for the future.

We chose the name Advance as we felt this reflected their energy and commitment to always going one step further for their clients, and the promise of the practice to help grow your business to meet your goals.

The identity allowed us to create a recognisable marque with the A, something which can then be used throughout their communications.

The company has now officially launched and the brand will be successfully implemented over the next three months.


Advance Accounntancy Southport logo brand identity
Advance Accountancy brand words Southport
Advance Accountancy brand design mugs Southport
Advance Accountancy brand bag design Southport
Advance Accountancy brand design Southport
Advance Accountancy brand frames logo identity
Advance Accountancy brand stationery logo identity design

Creating stand out in a competitive market


As a leading agency in Preston, and one of the only ones specialising in lettings, Easthams & Co built their business on strong family values, and as a result have some impressive stories and stats to share. But they weren’t boasting as much as we thought they should.

Easthams & Co already had their identity but what they lacked was a brand, something that really reflected who they were. They needed clarity of message, and a tone of voice that not only reflected the company and their people but something that made them stand out in a very busy, very competitive market place.

After some initial research with their clients it became clear that they were full of praise, for the people and the services they offered. Their clients were actually starting to write the ads themselves through their glowing testimonials.


The Guild Trail preston branding logo

The personalities of the staff really shone through so the first thing we wanted to do was inject this into their communications. Using a mix of customer testimonials and confident statements we created a suite of materials that really reflected Easthams & Co as a business.

Each ad focussed on one fact only - to give clarity to the message. Using bold confident headlines to grab attention, and backing these up with facts and stats. Illustrations were developed to compliment the headlines, and also the existing brand.

These were then rolled out to work across press, direct mail and social media creating a strong confident consistent campaign.

Easthams & Co Letting agents brand design
Easthams & Co Letting agents brand design posters
Easthams & Co Letting agents brand design advert
Easthams & Co Preston Twitter campaign design

Creating a radical campaign


The People's History Museum wanted to create a campaign that encouraged the people of Manchester to become part of history and help to fund the important work that the museum does.
The museum itself celebrates the stories of the radical thinkers whose big ideas have shaped our society.

The Radicals campaign was about joining the heroes and heroines of the past with becoming a supporter of the museum today, to enable these important stories throughout history to continue to be told.

The creative was designed to look home-made and featured different radicals throughout history as the campaign theme. The identity was applied to a range of materials both in and outside the museum, and included additional ideas to generate income through the gift shop and donation boxes.


Designed whilst at True North


Join the Radicals campaign design and marketing manifesto
Join the Radicals campaign design and marketing poster designs
Join the Radicals campaign design and marketing banner designs
Join the Radicals campaign design and marketing leaflet designs
Join the Radicals campaign design and marketing bag and board design

Creating a world-class university


Big changes were afoot within universities nationwide. An increase in tuition fees meant going to university would become a more considered choice for students. The number of applicants were likely to reduce and universities inevitably had to work harder to secure admissions.

Manchester Metropolitan University were looking for an agency to work on their 2012 undergraduate prospectus, the most effective recruitment tool for the university. They were in the middle of an aggressive development programme with millions of pounds being invested into new buildings, facilities and resources.

We worked with their brand team to re-position the university as a serious choice for potential new students. Showcasing the huge investments in facilities, their great links with industry and creating a sense of excitement about studying with Manchester Metropolitan University helped set them apart from other institutions.

The University maintained their level of applications whilst other universities in the UK were experiencing significant decline.

Designed whilst at The Chase

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Prospectus Design
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Prospectus Design Spread 2
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Prospectus design spread 1
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Prospectus Design Spread 3
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Prospectus Designs

Bringing the market back to life


Preston Market first opened back in the 1800's. But with the high street, supermarkets and superstores taking increasing levels of trade over the years, local markets have struggled to compete.

Preston Council approached us to help breathe life back into the market and encourage people back through the doors.

What really stood out were the people, the passion and the personalities of the market traders. Intricate knowledge of their products and a desire to share this with their customers gives them something that supermarkets can't compete with.

The identity we created brought all of this to life, reflecting the characters, conversations, hints and tips that sit at the heart of the market.  



Preston Market logo design
Preston Market Advertising Campaign Billboard

The new branding was applied across internal and external signage, bringing some vibrancy back into the market hall. Outdoor advertising across the city supported the campaign outside of the market doors.

We continue to work with the market today, keeping the spirit alive.

Preston Market Advertising Campaign Billboard2
Preston Market hanging banners design
Preston Market Advertising Campaign Preston Train Station
Preston Market Poster designs
Preston Market carrier bags design

A world of culture and creativity


Lancashire Encounter is an annual event which brings a range of arts and culture to Preston.

The programme comprises of a weekend of diverse activities, from dance and music performances and large scale interactive projects, to smaller creative workshops and lessons.

The new identity uses a distinctive shape which interacts with different themes and backgrounds to reflect the diversity of the event. The nature of the design means it can be refreshed and updated for each event, evolving each year like the programme it was created for.

An explosion of colour was used as the backdrop to launch the brand, reflecting the vibrancy and variety of the events on offer.

Preston Council Lancashire Encounter Branding logo design

Because charity begins at home


Home is a furniture retail store run by Merseystride, a social enterprise based in Liverpool. Set up to help tackle the problem of homelessness and social exclusion, Home provide work experience and training for the out of work and homeless. All furniture sold in the store are end of line, damaged stock or flat pack furniture, which are then rebuilt and reconditioned prior to sale.

Home also offers resettlement packages, providing furniture for those who have recently been rehoused, but who do not yet have the finances to furnish their new home.

The name Home was chosen as this reflected both the issue of homelessness and the purpose of the store. The identity needed to be simple but impactful, and so was deliberately under-designed. Printed materials featured the recycled cardboard from the flat pack boxes that the furniture arrives in. Using the cardboard made it simple and easy to reproduce, whilst giving a subtle reminder that for some members of society, this cardboard is indeed their home.

Designed whilst at The Chase


Home by Merseystride branding logo
Home by Merseystride branding box design
Home by Merseystride Box close up
Home by Merseystride in shop signage design
Home by Meriseystride poster designs and marketing
Home by Merseystrideposters deign and marketing
Home by Merseystride visuals

Creating a safe place for victims of abuse


Womens Support Network and Jigsaw were two stand-alone charities dealing victims of sexual violence in the North East.

The two organisations were due to merge and needed a new name for the brand, with an identity that appealed to both male and female audiences.

Given the sensitive nature of the work the charities undertook, we needed to create a professional yet approachable feel that positioned them differently to other organisations in their field.

The name Arch was developed with an accompanying softer design style, a calming colour palette and a reassuring tone of voice.

The identity was applied across their literature, website and promotional items.


Arch North East Charity Branding website design
Arch North East Charity Branding leaflet design
Arch North East Charity Branding notebook design
Arch North East Charity Branding Stationery Design

Making solar credible


Redsky Solar were a newly formed company, part of The Longworth Group; a major player in the UK construction industry. When Redsky approached us they already had a logo, but were lacking a brand and a clear direction of who they were - and how to reach new audiences.

We embarked on an initial insight phase, interviewing key members of the team, customers and some of their construction partners, as well as researching the already overcrowded marketplace.

 A new logo was developed using a stencil font to reflect their heritage, softening this with a curve to reflect the solar element. Their proposition was based on partnerships with Longworth, construction partners and their customers. At the heart of all communications was the benefits of working together. This importantly separated them from the negative connotations that had arisen around the solar industry over the years.

redsky solar logo
Redsky Solar, St Helens, folder design
Redsky Solar, St Helens, website design
Redsky Solar, St Helens, leaflet design front cover
Redsky Solar, St Helens, Leaflet design spread1
Redsky Solar, St Helens, leaflet design spread2

We developed a marketing and PR strategy to both raise the profile of the brand and support the sales team bring new business into the company. Marketing materials used facts and figures to educate but not sell to the customer, helping to build trust in the brand.

Redsky Solar, St Helens, Leaflet Facts design

Creating excitement and intrigue


The Corporate Games came to Preston in 2012. The council therefore needed a supporting campaign to raise awareness and generate interest around the event.

The # device wasn't as widely used as it is today, and was introduced as a lead message in the campaign to allow us to use bold statements, create intrigue and encourage the people of Preston to find out more.

The social media aspect of the campaign was to appeal to a younger, more media savvy audience, yet the message was simple and straight forward to allow it to appeal to the masses.


Corporate Games Preston Design and Marketing Campaign billboard
Corporate Games Preston Design and Marketing Campaign Billboard 2
Corporate Games Preston Design and Marketing Campaign Bag design
Corporate Games Preston Design and Marketing Campaign 4 sheet
Corporate Games Preston Design and Marketing Campaign t-shirt design
Corporate Games Preston Design and Marketing Campaign Badges

Doing the right thing, the right way.


We were asked to develop a new visual identity for a specialist division within Lees Solicitors, whose focus was on medical negligence.

Rather than creating a completely new brand we built on the heritage and experience already established by Lees. We refreshed their existing logo and created a flexible device which could be implemented across the group. This was used to promote both this division and other specialist areas of the business, creating a more accessible creative style and tone.

Following positive feedback from customer focus groups we developed the identity across their website and press advertising.


Lees Solicitors Medical Negligence Branding Logo
Lees Solicitors Medical Negligence Branding website design
Lees Solicitors Medical Negligence Branding Advert design

Creating a new destination for family life


Brooklands was a new development for Places for People. Rather than being just another regular housing development, Brooklands was about building a new community with a range of housing solutions and shared community spaces, all situated within lush green surroundings full of wild flowers and wildlife.

The brief for this project was to showcase the type of lifestyle this development created. The identity was reflective of the development’s natural environment, which was applied across all the materials we produced. Imagery echoed shapes and scenes from nature, with natural sunlight bringing warmth to the creative.

The identity was developed and rolled out across their website, marketing literature and sales office.

Designed whilst at The Chase

Brooklands identity design logo
Brooklands identity website design
Brooklands identity brochure design marketing materials
Brooklands identity marketing material hoardings design
Brooklands identity marketing suite interior designs
brooklands identity marketing suite interior designs

Bringing power to the people


People Power was a partnership between different councils throughout Lancashire. The aim of the campaign was to bring communities together to create bigger buying power and therefore a better deal financially with energy companies.

After developing the brand we rolled this out over an online and outdoor campaign, which ran across the whole of the Lancashire region.


People Power Energy Campaign Branding Logo design
People Power Energy Campaign Branding Billboard design
People Power Energy Campaign Branding Bus stop design
People Power Energy Campaign Branding Website Design

Changing perceptions and raising profiles


Leading architect Simon Wallis had a string of impressive projects to his name, however his current branding and website really didn’t reflect this.

When meeting Simon the passion for his projects was clear. Every project was completely different, and each one with an interesting story – but this detail and the passion Simon's had for each project was being lost on his current site.

We talked through each and every project with Simon, along with the way he worked, then set about developing his brand.

Keeping the existing logo we developed his brand to reflect the prestigious projects he’d worked on and create a new identity for the company that really reflected their capabilities.

Using close up photography taken from the buildings he’s worked on and the detailed the plans he’s drawn up, these were applied across his current literature and website.

Each project was then given it’s own space on the site to tell the full story, solution and also the end product.

The content was written to highlight the unique process which Simon's has developed, and built his business on, along with the dedication and expertise that he brings along with this.

The Guild Trail preston branding logo
The Guild Trail preston branding brochure

Putting a spotlight on Preston 


The popularity of the Corporate Games put Preston under the spotlight and attracted visitors from around the world. This was an opportunity to showcase all that Preston had to offer, promoting the city as a great place to live, work and visit.

Using the # device to tie in with the Corporate Games, a campaign was developed to highlight its appeal to a wide reaching audience.


Discover Preston Brochure Design and Marketing Front Cover
Discover Preston Brochure Spreads Design and Marketing
Discover Preston Banner designs and marketing
Discover Preston Posters Design and Marketing material

Educating the next generation on the power of renewable energy


As part of the branding process for Redsky Solar we identified a need to educate future generations on the powers of renewable energy - beyond the financial benefits. We developed a separate campaign identity for schools with the aim of educating pupils on renewable energy and energy saving in general.

The concept behind the identity was all about putting power in the hands of the pupils, enabling them to learn about renewable energy and run their own energy saving campaigns within school to educate their fellow pupils and future generations.

The identity was developed across a number of materials including education packs for use within the schools.

Power to the Pupils Design and Marketing campaign logo
Power to the Pupils Design and Marketing campaign bag design
Power to the Pupils Design and Marketing campaign Voucher design
Power to the Pupils Design and Marketing campaign Banner designs
Power to the Pupils Design and Marketing campaign Leaflet design

Bringing architectural expertise to the equine industry


Architects Frank Whittle Partnership were launching a specific part of their business which focused on equestrian architecture. This was to be a stand-alone brand and needed a new identity to support it. We took inspiration from architects plans and used elements of these detailed drawings to create a simple but effective identity for their brand.


Equine Planning Solutions branding logo
Equine Planning Solutions business cards design
Equine Planning solutions poster design

Capturing a moment


Wedding photographer Victoria Franks approached us to create a new identity for her photography business; something that would complement the style of a modern wedding whilst retaining a traditional feel.

The new identity was applied across all stationery and Victoria's website.

Victoria Franks wedding photography logo
Victoria franks wedding photography website design
Victoria franks wedding photography business card design

Guiding people through history


Influenced by CityBrand's City Centre Walkaround Outdoor Museum, The Guild Trail is a self-guided walking tour exploring the places, people and events from Preston’s history; allowing those who take it to uncover interesting facts and unusual stories along the route.

We worked with Treasure Trails Lancashire to create the tour along with Preston City Council as part of the Preston Guild 2012. Our brief was to develop an identity for a range printed materials that accompanied this particular trail.




The Guild Trail preston branding logo
The Guild Trail preston branding brochure
The Guild Trail preston branding close up brochure design
The Guild Trail preston branding postcard designs