Because charity begins at home


Home is a furniture retail store run by Merseystride, a social enterprise based in Liverpool. Set up to help tackle the problem of homelessness and social exclusion, Home provide work experience and training for the out of work and homeless. All furniture sold in the store are end of line, damaged stock or flat pack furniture, which are then rebuilt and reconditioned prior to sale.

Home also offers resettlement packages, providing furniture for those who have recently been rehoused, but who do not yet have the finances to furnish their new home.

The name Home was chosen as this reflected both the issue of homelessness and the purpose of the store. The identity needed to be simple but impactful, and so was deliberately under-designed. Printed materials featured the recycled cardboard from the flat pack boxes that the furniture arrives in. Using the cardboard made it simple and easy to reproduce, whilst giving a subtle reminder that for some members of society, this cardboard is indeed their home.

Designed whilst at The Chase


Home by Merseystride branding logo
Home by Merseystride branding box design
Home by Merseystride Box close up
Home by Merseystride in shop signage design
Home by Meriseystride poster designs and marketing
Home by Merseystrideposters deign and marketing
Home by Merseystride visuals